Shopping For Gifts Shouldn't Be Stressful

Best Gifts do Come in a Box!

Make Gift-Giving a Breeze

Find the perfect present at our flower and gift shop

Do you have a special occasion you're looking forward to? Want to make it extra special? The Gift Box Flower Shoppe has everything you need to take your plans to the next level. Enjoy a coffee from our coffee shop while you browse for the perfect gift.

Come check us out at 2700 Montana Ave El Paso, TX or give us a call at (915) 532-3322

We Have 40+ Years of Floral Experience

You're sure to get a beautiful arrangement from us

Flowers are the best decoration

You can count on us to create custom bouquets for all kinds of occasions. We specialize in crafting unique flower arrangements. Plus, all our bouquets come in stunning gift boxes, which makes them the ultimate present. Rely on us to provide bright, fresh flowers for any upcoming:

Baby shower
Graduation party

You can even trust us to deliver flowers on your behalf. Our team will make sure the recipient gets your arrangement on time. Call 915-532-3322 now to request a delivery.

Grab Coffee For Your Day

Whether you're on the way to work or you're looking for the perfect gift, stop by our coffee shop for delicious locally made pastry and a strong, rich coffee. Sit for a while with a friend or get it to go! Our small local coffee shop makes the perfect place for catching up with a friend, getting some work done, or just enjoying a moment alone.

Our curated selection makes it easy

Shopping For Gifts Shouldn't Be Stressful